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Biden assures that he is running for re-election to “not let Trump win”

The president shows his doubts about whether he would be running if it were not for the Republican magnate

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, stated this Tuesday that he presented his presidential candidacy for the 2024 elections to “not let former President Trump win” and that he is not sure if he would have run if it had not been for the Republican magnate.

“If Trump didn’t run, I’m not sure I would be running. But I can’t let him win,” Biden told reporters.

In that sense, he has insisted on the former president’s “danger” to the democracy of the United States, which is the “only nation built on an idea,” and has criticized his intention to repeal the American Health Care Act.

According to a survey carried out by the newspaper ‘The New York Times’ and the American university Siena College at the beginning of November, Trump leads Biden in voting intention in five key states to reach the White House

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