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Israel opens new exit corridor from northern Gaza until noon

The Israeli Army announced this Saturday to the population of northern and north-central Gaza the opening of an exit corridor to the south of the enclave that will remain in force from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., peninsular time in Spain).

The head of the Arab media division of the Israel Defense Forces, Colonel Avichay Adraee, has published on his X account, formerly Twitter, that residents still in northern Gaza will be able to travel along the central Saladin road to Khan Yunis “without danger of bombing.”

Several hospitals in the enclave have declared themselves unable to evacuate since they do not have the capacity to transfer their patients.

At the moment, the Israeli Army has not carried out the large-scale land incursion that the Gazan population has been fearing for days, but it warned this Sunday that there will soon be “significant military activities” in the area.

“The IDF continues to operate in the Gaza Strip and attack various Hamas military targets. We have called on the civilian population in the northern Gaza Strip to evacuate south of the Gaza River. This is not news, but what “If it is news, it is that Hamas has issued warnings to its civilians not to evacuate,” said military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus in the daily report published by the Israel Defense Forces on the social network X, formerly Twitter.

Conricus has assured that “when people have not listened to these warnings from Hamas, (the organization) has detained civilians and convoys of Gazan civilians who were trying to flee the situation listening to the warnings” from the IDF.

In the same video, the soldier has reiterated the “call to the population of northern Gaza, Gaza City and the entire northern area” to leave the area and has warned that Israel has ground troops deployed throughout of the border with Gaza and, as they already advanced, it is “preparing for the next phase of operations.”

“Listen to our warnings. We are saying that there are going to be significant military activities here and we want, we urge civilians to evacuate for their own safety,” Conricus said.

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