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Trump confirms that he will surrender this Thursday to the US Justice

Former United States President Donald Trump has confirmed that he plans to turn himself in this Thursday at a Fulton County jail in Georgia, after being accused of orchestrating a scheme to subvert the 2020 election results in that state.

Trump made the announcement through his channel on his own social network, Truth Social, days after the US media reported it from sources familiar with the plan.

“Can you believe it? I will go to Atlanta, Georgia, this Thursday to be arrested by a prosecutor who is from the radical left, Fani Willis,” said the former president, who has considered that the magistrate is “campaigning and raising money for this witch hunt.”

Thus, Trump has stated that, in his opinion, this case “is being carried out in strict coordination with the Justice Department of corrupt Joe Biden” so “it is about electoral interference.”

The ex-president’s statements come hours after his legal team has agreed to the conditions that will allow him to remain free once he turns himself in in Georgia, which will likely include the payment of a $200,000 bail.

In addition to financial bail, provisional freedom will mean for Trump that he will not be able to intimidate any of the other 18 defendants or possible witnesses, which could also limit his room for maneuver on social networks, according to The Hill portal. .

Trump’s electoral lawyer John Eastman is also planning to turn himself in to the authorities, however, it would be a day before the former president, this Wednesday, as reported by the television network CNN, which indicates that he reached an agreement of 100,000 dollars. Other co-defendants are expected to be arrested this week and later released under pre-negotiated bail conditions.

Trump’s certain media surrender in Georgia comes the same week that the first Republican debate of the 2024 presidential race is held. However, the tycoon has already announced that he has no intention of attending, although he could change his mind, and instead it will go to the show of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, whose interviews have garnered up to 100 million views.

Trump not only has to face the accusations of trying to manipulate the results of the last presidential elections, but almost a hundred charges spread over a total of four cases. In the case of Georgia, he is designated as the head of a “criminal organization” to annul his 2020 electoral defeat.

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