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Support for the new Bing with ChatGPT comes to Chrome

The new Bing powered by the OpenAI ‘chatbot’ has been extended to other browsers with the availability of support for Google’s Chrome, which already allows access to its search capabilities, albeit with certain limitations.

Chrome users can begin to access Bing capabilities without having to resort to Microsoft’s own browser, although they will find some limitations compared to the version that has been seen so far in Edge.

When opening the AI-powered search engine in Chrome, and as indicated by 9to5Google, users will find a section in the upper left where the ‘Chat’ function is indicated, with the icon of a blue speech bubble.

The ‘chatbot’ is available to more and more users, who will be able to carry out searches, although with limitations, since it allows a maximum of five messages per conversation compared to the 30 that it allows in Edge, and with indications of up to 2,000 characters instead of 4,000, as they have verified in Windows Latest.

The new Bing is powered by ChatGPT, the OpenAI chatbot. Microsoft has worked with this artificial intelligence firm to provide its browser with enhanced features with “more complete” answers, a new chat experience and the ability to generate content.

Since its introduction in February, it has incorporated the latest version of the language model, GPT-4 (it started with GPT3.5), the possibility of offering tables, graphs, images and videos in the results and of carrying out searches based on images. It also includes a chat-based image generator.

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