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Leo Messi: “My mentality is not going to change by going to Miami, I will give my best”

The Argentine forward Leo Messi was “happy” to sign for MLS Inter Miami, where he will give “the maximum” because his mentality “is not going to change”, being “prepared for the new challenge”, at the same time who confessed that “logically” his withdrawal from the Argentine team will be “in a short time”.

“I am happy with the decision I made (to sign for Inter Miami), I am prepared and eager to face the new challenge. My mentality and my head will not change just because I go to the United States. I will do my best to my new club”, indicated the ’10’ in an interview with the Argentine network Televisión Pública.

The forward valued the achievement of the third World Cup title for Argentina in the tournament held in Qatar, where he was able to lift “the only trophy” that he was missing “and at the same time the most desired”. “Being world champion is inexplicable because of what it meant for me to get that title, because of everything I went through in the national team, what I suffered,” he said.

“When you win, you don’t value what you get as it deserves. I am at a moment in which I really enjoy what happens to me, now I value everything more, because they are the last few years. When I retire I will value all this much more, if possible, especially To be world champion, which remains forever, and in a country like ours. It will go down in history,” he reflected.

However, he regretted the “criticism” against him when “things were going badly” with the ‘Albiceleste’. “At Barcelona I lived a situation in which I enjoyed a lot, we won, we played well. Everyone praised us, and it was like stepping on Argentina and listening to criticism, rumours… I constantly had to pass a test or depend on a result. I would arrive in Barcelona and I forgot how bad we had in the national team, they were outrageous, disrespectful. My family also suffered a lot,” he revealed.

Now with the World Cup in his pocket, Messi hides behind “logic” and “age” for a withdrawal from the ‘Albiceleste’ “in a short time”. “I don’t even know how long I’ll be in the national team, my withdrawal will happen when it has to happen. I only think about day to day and enjoy,” he explained.

“Because of what I always tried to demonstrate, I left a clear message, to fight for their dreams for their objectives. Whatever happens along the way, you always have to try, I hope it is the message more than the memory for the new generation that follows me so much and He takes care of me. I want them to remember me as a normal, good person, beyond sports,” Messi concluded.

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