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iOS 17 expands customization options and includes real-time message transcription with Live Voicemail

Apple has unveiled the new capabilities of the latest iteration of its operating system, iOS 17, which introduces multiple customization options for contacts, with individual cards, as well as a real-time message transcription feature with Live Voicemail.

The company has unveiled its latest innovations at the ‘hardware’ level -with the new 15-inch MacBook Air, the Mac Pro with the M2 chip and the Apple Vision Pro viewfinder- and ‘software’, for its iPhone, iPad, tvOS, watchOS and macOS.

First of all, he has focused his presentation on the new capabilities of the operating system for his ‘smartphones’, iOS 17, which on this occasion introduces multiple customization options for contacts with Contact Posters.

This option allows you to create special cards for each contact, to which you can add a photograph or an avatar, as well as a text format, with different fonts and languages, including Japanese, in vertical format.

One of the most outstanding novelties of the latest iteration of iOS is the ability to transcribe in real time a voice message that is being left on the answering machine thanks to Live Voicemail, an option focused on accessibility, one of the priorities of the technology firm in its latest works at the ‘software’ level.

Another of the features that the operating system for iPhone introduces is the Check In function, which allows users to share their location and for others to follow their steps to know, for example, that they arrive home safely. Otherwise, the application sends an alert notice that said individual has not given the signal of having arrived at the home.

Apple has also focused on other ways to connect with users, who can now put two devices together (two iPhones or an iPhone and an Apple Watch) to download contact data -NameDrop- on the other device without having to verbally exchange the name. phone or email.

Likewise, AirDrop introduces an important novelty to share files with other devices only by moving one closer to the other and also allows emoticons to be converted into emoji in Messages, as well as creating GIFs from videos from the gallery and inserting them in the ‘stickers’ section.

Journal is also part of iOS 17. It is an application that works as an interactive journal and shows what has been done throughout the day, that is, the notes that have been taken, the songs that have been listened to or the photos that have been taken “It’s a way of preserving memories,” said Apple’s vice president of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, who was in charge of this part of the presentation.

Another feature for FaceTime is that it allows users to leave a video message in case the sender hasn’t answered a call and which they can access at any time they see fit.


Apple has also presented the preview of iPadOS 17 -it will be available globally in the fall-, which again focuses its innovations on customization options, both for the lock screen and in the way of interacting with the ‘widgets’.

With this update, users will be able to work with the Autocomplete option in the data fields of PDF files and Messages also introduces the ‘stickers’ and emoji created from photos.

Thanks to Stage Manager you can also control the position and size of the windows, so that users adapt them to their needs in their workspace and the keyboard brings autocorrect improvements, which speed up typing.

The preview of macOS Sonoma also gives priority to the customization of ‘widgets’, which can be placed directly on the desktop and interact with them with a single click and through Continuity, which allows this ecosystem to be carried from iPhone to computer.

Apple has also commented that macOS Sonoma offers enhanced video conferencing features, with video effects that make these conversations more effective and realistic, with Reactions and screen sharing options.

For Safari, it introduces an update focused on private browsing that provides greater protection of user information from trackers and other unauthorized users who can access the device.

In this case, macOS Sonoma is also available through a developer version and will reach end users starting next fall.

The Apple TV operating system is also updated with functionality that allows FaceTime to be used on these devices, support for Dolby Vision 8.1, improvements in Apple Fitness +, support for third-party VPNs and Enhance Dialogue, which allows users to listen to the dialogues of a movie sharper.

For WatchOS 10, the main novelty focuses on the way in which information can now be seen on the sphere using the Digital Crown of this ‘wearable’. It also lets you know when the next meeting is, introduces new capabilities for Fitness+, topographic maps, and new layouts and palettes, like a Snoopy wallpaper.

Another of the highlights of this operating system has been the inclusion of a new mental health manager, since users will be able to write down how they feel at a certain moment or see how their sleep cycle can affect their mood.

Finally, the technology manufacturer has announced that its AirPods Pro headphones will have a feature called Adaptive Audio. This is responsible for detecting if there is a lot of noise in a certain context and adjusts the level of active noise cancellation (ANC, for its acronym in English) to offer adequate and balanced sound.

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