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The WHO calls for “caution” to incorporate AIs such as ChatGPT in the health field

They ask that these AI “be used safely, effectively and ethically”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked that “caution be exercised” in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT in the health field and that “carefully examine” what their risks may be in this matter. .

“While WHO is enthusiastic about the appropriate use of technologies to support healthcare professionals, patients, researchers and scientists, it is concerned that the caution that would normally be exercised with any new technology is not being exercised consistently with these IA”, has warned the international health organization of the United Nations through a statement.

In this context, the WHO warns that the “hasty adoption” of these AI systems “could lead to errors on the part of health personnel, cause harm to patients, erode confidence in AI and, therefore, undermine ( or delay) the potential benefits and long-term uses of these technologies around the world.”

The WHO points out, for example, that the data used to train AI “may be biased, generating misleading or inaccurate information that could pose risks to health, equity and inclusion.” They also indicate that ChatGPT responses “may be completely incorrect or contain serious errors, especially in the case of responses related to health.”

In the same way, they warn that these AIs “may not protect sensitive data (including health data) that a user provides to generate a response.” Finally, the WHO points out that “they can be misused to generate and disseminate very convincing disinformation in the form of text, audio or video content that the public can hardly differentiate from reliable health content.”

For all these reasons, they insist on the need for these AI “to be used safely, efficiently and ethically”. Thus, they ask political leaders to “guarantee the safety and protection of patients.”

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