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“Trump is a joke”, says his former aide John Bolton

The former White House National Security adviser, John Bolton, has described the former president of the United States, and for the third time candidate, Donald Trump, as a “joke”, for which reason he is “not suitable” to hold office again and recommends that Republicans “demand” that he desist from running again.

“For the good of the country, the Republicans must demand that he immediately and permanently end his presidential campaign,” said Bolton, who served under Trump between April 2018 and September 2019.

“Trump has made a joke by bragging that he can end the Ukraine war in 24 hours immediately after losing a sexual assault and defamation trial,” Bolton wrote on his Twitter account.

After he left the back door of the White House, Bolton has lavished himself on these types of statements against a Trump, whom he says is obsessed with re-election, to the point of maneuvering behind the scenes with foreign leaders considered traditional adversaries. from Washington, like China.

This is how he recounted it in his book ‘The room where that happened’, which the Trump administration tried to prevent him from publishing on the grounds of alleged breaches of confidentiality agreements and dangers to national security by exposing classified information.

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