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The governor of Florida (USA) enacts several laws “to stop the influence” of China

The governor of Florida, Republican Ron DeSantis, has signed several bills on Monday to counteract the influence of China, which include a ban on buying land in the state.

“I have signed the strongest legislation in the nation to stop the influence of the Chinese Communist Party,” DeSantis said, adding that he is “proud to sign this legislation.” “We are fulfilling our commitment to crack down on communist China,” he added.

Thus, he has indicated that these measures prohibit the purchase of land, alleging that the administration has a responsibility to guarantee food security that is threatened by China’s control of agricultural territory.

“Restricting control of Florida farmland and land near critical infrastructure facilities to China and other hostile foreign nations protects our state, provides long-term stability, and preserves our economic freedom,” said the Agriculture Commissioner. of the state, Wilton Simpson.

They also block access to apps linked to the Chinese Communist Party on government and educational devices, a reference to the cybersecurity debate caused by fears of alleged data collection by TikTok.

“Florida has once again taken the lead in protecting American interests from foreign threats and has provided a model for other states to do the same,” reads a press release.

Fear has increased in the West in relation to the possible use of TikTok as a Trojan horse to promote propaganda in favor of China or collect user data, but Beijing has denounced that behind this cascade of vetoes there is a political intention without any justification. real technology.

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