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Ukraine brings the “liquidated” Russian military to more than 145,000 almost a year after the start of the invasion

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have raised this Wednesday to more than 145,000 Russian soldiers “liquidated” since the start of the invasion, which this Friday marks the first year since its start, and have highlighted that 620 soldiers have died in the last 24 hours Russians in combat

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army has indicated in a message on its official account on the social network Facebook that so far “some 145,060” Russian soldiers have died, a figure much higher than that recognized so far by Moscow.

Likewise, it has stated that 3,334 battle tanks, 2,345 artillery systems, 243 anti-aircraft defense systems, 299 planes, 287 helicopters, 2,026 drones, 873 cruise missiles, 18 boats, 5,212 vehicles and fuel tanks, and 226 pieces have been destroyed. of “special equipment”. “The data is being updated,” he added.

Russia has not provided data on casualties in the conflict since September, when Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed the deaths of 5,937 soldiers. The Russian news portal Mediazona raises the total number of deaths to 14,093 -including 1,555 during the last 15 days-, figures that it considers “corroborated” through publicly available data, a work carried out together with the British television channel BBC.

The data published by Ukraine also contrasts with those provided last week by the British Intelligence services, which estimated that between 40,000 and 60,000 Russian soldiers have died since the start of the invasion, while the number of casualties, including the wounded, is It would be between 175,000 and 200,000.

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