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Biden denounces 78 mass shootings in 2023 after six died in an attack in Mississippi (USA)

President Biden has said “enough” and denounces 78 mass shootings in the US in the first 48 days of 2023

The Mississippi authorities have arrested a person this Friday after a shooting that has left at least six dead and one injured in Tate County, in the northwest of the state, in the United States.

As reported by the Tate County Sheriff, Brad Lance, to CNN, the suspect has been arrested after opening fire on his ex-partner and, it is believed, also on other members of his family in the same county.

The agents answered the first emergency call around 11:00 a.m. (local time) when the detainee shot the driver of a vehicle that was next to him, near a store in the town of Arkabutla.

The alleged perpetrator of the events then went to the home of her ex-wife where, according to Lance, he ended the woman’s life and physically attacked her fiancée.

Immediately afterwards, the authorities have found the body of two other victims, a man and a woman, killed by gunshot wounds in the neighboring residence of the suspect. Another victim has been injured during the shootings, which has been transferred to a hospital in the region.

The authorities found the alleged perpetrator of the events after finding his vehicle, which matched the description provided, in front of his home, in which several pistols and a shotgun were also found. The man was arrested when he tried to leave his area of residence.

The suspect is currently in the Tate County Jail awaiting further charges against him to be filed later on Friday.

So far, according to CNN, the detainee and the victims have not been identified and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, together with the Local Police, are investigating the motive for the shooting.

The governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves, has communicated via Twitter that, so far, it is believed that the detainee acted alone: “I will ensure that all state resources are available to law enforcement while we continue to investigate. the situation,” he added.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has said that it is “enough” and has condemned the shooting that took place in Mississippi: “We have been 48 days into the year and our nation has already suffered at least 73 mass shootings,” he pointed out.

The Democratic leader has described armed violence as “an epidemic” in the United States and affirms that “thoughts and prayers are not enough”, but that Congress must act immediately.

“Jill and I mourn the six killed in today’s violence in Tate County, Mississippi, as we have mourned far too many Americans,” he added in a statement.

Similarly, President Biden has recalled the need to implement “common sense” reforms on firearms legislation in the United States.

Among the measures, the president has mentioned requiring background checks on all arms sales; ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines; fully closing the ex-partner loophole to keep guns out of the reach of domestic abusers; require safe gun storage and remove immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets.

As Biden has stressed, all these reforms are “sensible” measures that “Congress could adopt right now and save lives”

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