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DeSantis alludes to his unquestionable victory as Florida governor to respond to Trump’s criticism

The governor of Florida, the Republican Ron DeSantis, has alluded to his unquestionable victory in the last elections for governor of the state to slip that the population supported him in his management of the pandemic, thus responding to the latest criticisms made by the former president of the United States. United Donald Trump.

The former president accused DeSantis of having tried to “rewrite history” in regards to his management of the coronavirus pandemic, since the state of Florida also decreed a confinement “for a long period of time” during the first stages of the pandemic.

In response, DeSantis has asserted that when a person serves as an elected official he must make “all kinds of decisions.” “You have to steer that ship. And the good thing is that people can make their judgment about that, whether they re-elect you or not,” said the governor of Florida.

In this sense, DeSantis has stuck out his chest, recalling that the population of Florida would somehow agree with his management, including decisions in the health field, since in the last elections he won “with the highest percentage of votes of any Republican candidate for governor in the history of the state of Florida”.

“We won by the largest margin of votes, more than 1.5 million votes, that any candidate for governor has had in the history of Florida,” DeSantis stressed, according to the US news portal The Hill.

DeSantis and Trump, once political allies, are emerging as the main rivals to represent the interests of the Republican Party in the face of the 2024 presidential elections. Although the governor has not yet made his candidacy official, Trump’s attacks seem to show that, late Sooner or later, DeSantis will run as his rival.

The former president, for his part, did confirm his candidacy as a Republican candidate for the White House in mid-November, although since then -and after mid-term elections where his allies collected the expected results from us- he has barely expressed himself. regarding his presidential aspirations.

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