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At least seven dead and one injured in two shootings in California (USA)

The suspect, who has already been arrested, would have attacked the mushroom farm where he worked, killing four colleagues

At least seven people have been killed and one seriously injured in potentially related shootings at two farms in the coastal town of Half Moon Bay, in the US state of California.

In the first shooting, at the Mountain Mushroom farm — which is officially dedicated to the sale of mushrooms — four people have lost their lives and another is seriously injured. The injured man has been transferred to a medical center to receive the necessary attention, while three of the dead have succumbed to their injuries on the way to the hospital, according to ABC 7 News.

During the second shooting, at the Rice Tucking-Soil farm, dedicated to the sale of decorative stones, three people were killed, according to police sources.

The person suspected of these incidents, a 67-year-old citizen, has been detained by the San Mateo County Police, where the shootings have taken place.

The suspect, Zhao Chunli, worked at the mushroom farm and acted alone, allegedly taking the lives of his co-workers. After attacking the first farm, the man went to the second place to carry out another attack, according to police sources in the aforementioned newspaper.

The incidents have been registered near the same highway in the limits of the municipality of Half Moon Bay. Meanwhile, the neighbors have assured that the first of the farms was dedicated to the cultivation of marijuana.

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