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Russia says delivery of new weapons to Ukraine will have ‘unpredictable’ consequences

The Government of Russia has highlighted this Monday that the delivery of weapons to Ukraine has “unpredictable” consequences and has stated that “escalation is the most dangerous path”, in the midst of the debate on the delivery of battle tanks to kyiv to deal with to the Russian invasion.

“We have repeatedly said that escalation is the most dangerous path and that the consequences can be unpredictable,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov said. “Our signals have not been picked up and Russia’s opponents continue to raise the stakes,” he added.

Thus, he has emphasized that “the objectives of the special military operation will be achieved in any case and all the military equipment that is arriving (to Ukraine) at an accelerated pace from various sources will be literally crushed,” according to what he has collected. the Russian news agency Interfax.

Riabkov has said that the possibility of these deliveries are part of a hybrid war between the United States and its allies and Russia, before noting that any arms shipments from Washington to kyiv will be “pulverized.”

The Russian deputy foreign minister’s words came a day after Vyacheslav Volodin, chairman of Russia’s State Duma, the lower house of Russia’s parliament, said delivering offensive weapons to kyiv would lead to a “global catastrophe.”

Likewise, the former Russian president and current vice president of the country’s Security Council, Dimitri Medvedev, warned last week that a Russian defeat in the war with Ukraine “could lead to the outbreak of a nuclear war.” “A defeat by a nuclear power in a conventional war can lead to the outbreak of a nuclear war,” he said.

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