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Trump called the presenter E Jean Carroll, who denounced being raped by him, a “crazy”

Former US President Donald Trump described the presenter and writer E Jean Carroll, who has denounced the tycoon for a rape allegedly perpetrated 30 years ago, as a “crazy” who is “not my type” in a court appearance.

Trump claimed in video testimony that the accusation is false and threatened to sue Carroll, who claims he assaulted her in a changing room at the Bergdorf Goodman mall in New York. The transcript of Trump’s statement in October has now come to light after the end of judicial secrecy was decreed.

The New York court has also described as “absurd” Trump’s double attempt to request the dismissal of Carroll’s complaints for rape and false testimony. The trial will be in April.

“She has said that I did something to her that never happened. Nothing happened. I don’t know anything about this nutcase,” Trump said, while criticizing the complaint as “an absolute scam” that he linked to the fact that Carroll “was promoting a seedy book” published in 2019 and in which he reveals the aggression. “I’m going to sue her when this is over. That’s what I want,” he added.

Trump declared when the book was published that it is not “politically correct” to say that he is “not my type.” “He accuses me of rape. I have no idea who he is (…). He accuses me of rape, the worst thing that can be done, the worst accusation,” he said in 2019. “She’s sick. She’s mentally ill,” he declared on CNN.

“She actually said that she loved it. Okay? (…). I actually think she said that she was sexy, right? She said that it was very sexy to be raped. Didn’t she say that?” she added.

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