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Cousin of ‘Black Lives Matter’ founder dies after being electrocuted by police with a TASER

Keenan Anderson, cousin of the founder of the movement ‘Black Lives Matter’, Patrisse Cullors, died of cardiac arrest after being held and shot with a TASER weapon by the Los Angeles Police, during a traffic accident on January 3.

Anderson, 31, died at a nearby hospital after several officers shot him with a Taser in an arrest following a traffic accident. The man, according to the recordings, edited by the Police, as defended by the US media, appears agitated walking down a road and asking for help.

After getting off the motorcycle, an agent demands that he face the wall while Anderson tells him, in an agitated voice, that someone has stolen his car, that he has lost the key and that they are trying to kill him. After that, the man tries to flee and is chased by the policeman, who orders him to lie down on the ground.

As CNN has echoed this Friday, Anderson panics and tries to get up, saying that they are trying to “make him a George Floyd” -in reference to his murder-, after which the agents fire the electroshock weapon, although in the edited images you cannot hear that phrase, but simply “please, no”.

In a statement, the Los Angeles Police Department alleged that Anderson tested positive for cocaine and marijuana in a preliminary drug screen, while Police Chief Michel Moore defended Wednesday that the man had committed a felony hit-and-run, trying to “get into someone else’s car without their permission.”

On his part, five days ago, Cullors himself announced on Instagram the death of his cousin. “This is my cousin, Keenan Anderson. He was killed by the Los Angeles Police (LAPD) in Venice on January 3, 2023,” he says in a publication in which his photograph appears.

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