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DeSantis would beat Trump in the Republican primaries for the White House

Voters in the 2024 US Republican Party presidential election show strong interest in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, even more favorably than former US President Donald Trump, according to a poll by ‘The Wall Street Journal’.

In a hypothetical confrontation between DeSantis and Trump, the former would win with 52 percent of the votes compared to 38 percent of the support that the former president would collect.

The poll shows that Trump leads among those who consider themselves “very conservative” and voters without a college education, while DeSantis is ahead among self-described “somewhat conservative” voters and those with at least a college degree.

Likewise, 86 percent of those surveyed say they have a favorable opinion of the Florida governor, while that number drops to 71 percent when talking about Trump.

The poll was published three weeks after a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, shared exclusively with the US news portal The Hill, showed a negative trend in support for Trump, who had lost nine points of support in a matter of weeks. props.

Said survey gave Trump 46 percent of the votes, compared to 28 of the votes that DeSantis would obtain, who has not yet made official a possible candidacy to run as the Republican candidate in the 2024 presidential elections.

Since the Republicans’ defeat in the Senate at midterm, as well as a much narrower-than-expected victory in the House of Representatives, voices have emerged within the party that have questioned Trump’s leadership, alleging that they could have better presidential candidates than the former president himself.

Instead, DeSantis fared better than in the last election in the Florida gubernatorial race, handily beating his Democratic rival. This is the reason why many within the Republican Party have pointed to him as the person capable of facing Trump in the party’s primaries, a possibility that he has not ruled out.

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