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The I International Congress “A life without violence” is part of the campaign “Don’t hit me in the name of love”.

The first International Congress “A life without violence”, which took place on December 3 in the Dominican Republic, is one of the activities programmed by the SOS Mujer Extraordinaria Foundation within the framework of its campaign “Don’t hit me in the name of love”.
The congress seeks to present a team of professionals who will be addressing issues related to violence, from the psychological aspect and mental health.
On December 9, the activity is called the “Ángel de Esperanza” community Baby Shower, in the city of Bani, Peravia province, “with which it is intended to benefit 50 pregnant adolescents in the age range of 15 to 20 years, who are of scarce resources”.
On December 10, the Expo fair “An extraordinary woman” will be held, to be held at “the Bani Sports Center, where panels will be held by experts in different areas, to educate and bring tangible facts that contribute to the development of all those present. ”.
A group of women joined the campaign “Don’t hit me in the name of love” of the SOS Mujer Extraordinaria Foundation to participate in these days of activism to promote the Elimination of Violence against Women.
Tatiana Durán, Annyris Mosquea, Yaderi Rivera, Miguelina Henríquez and Biannyi Peguero, joined the 16 days of activism after the Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which was held on November 25.
These five outstanding women in different areas, came together “to carry out the campaign that aims to raise awareness about violence, but, more importantly, to carry out a series of events in honor of women, which can contribute in different ways to the community,” said the statement from the non-governmental organization.
The activities range from “the part of orientation, education, recreation and opportunities, so that the participants of the different activities can start a path of reconstruction, after living in an environment of violence.”
Both the campaign and each of the activities “have been under the coordination and production of Media Pichardo LLC, by the hand of its CEO, Isveny Pichardo and his entire team.”
Biannyi Peguero, of Dominican origin, is the creator of the SOS Mujer Extraordinaria foundation and author of the book “Lights and Shadows of a Brave Woman.” She is the main promoter of this campaign, whose purpose is to impact the lives of thousands of women.
Through her book “Lights and Shadows”, she seeks to show that every woman has within herself those lights that shine within each success and the shadows that failures meant before fulfilling her dreams.
The author was a victim of violence and was about to lose herself, however, she had the help of the right people to redirect her life.
She indicated that through her foundation and this campaign, she seeks to provide opportunities for women who have also been or are being victims.
Tatiana Durán is a physical transformer. She has changed the lives of dozens of women through her training programs and the “Team Tatiana” community, showing women how much health and exercise can change their lives and boost their self-esteem.
Annyris Mosquea is a communicator and has stood out on digital platforms for her performance as a motivational speaker and ontological coach. Through her networks, she shares quality content that seeks to contribute to the growth of women.
Yaderi Rivera is a creator of beauty content, blogs, and comedy sketches. She is an “influential figure who hopes to become an advocate for single mothers and women who have experienced domestic violence, as she seeks to break generational curses between their families and the Latino culture.”
Miguelina Henríquez is a certified leadership coach and mentor. She collaborates with institutions such as Women Second Chance, established in Riverside, California, which promote the vocation of non-profit services. She is the author of the book “Steel Butterfly”.
All the activities that will be carried out in the campaign “seek to help the women who participate, to understand how they can get out of an environment of violence and let them know that they can count on institutions like SOS Mujer Extraordinaria, as that helping hand to guide them and that thus can find a new north”.

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