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Serbian Deputy Iris Familia calls conspirators the few who oppose the X National Population and Housing Census

Deputy Servia Iris Familia described today as conspirators the few who oppose the necessary and urgent implementation of the X National Population and Housing Census 2022, since opposing this is hindering the search for the necessary information that generates the fundamental tools to achieve national development.

The representative of constituency no. 1 from abroad for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) warned that the country needs to continue along the paths of development and that anyone who opposes the X National Population and Housing Census out of demagoguery, exercising their role as a disqualified opponent, will perish politically.

Servia Iris Familia understands that the country is tired of its destiny being played with and its progress being halted, which is why it congratulated President Luis Abinader for his unrestricted support for carrying out the X National Population and Housing Census so that the country keep going in all directions.

He called for support for the census since it is determined that “it is the largest and most important statistical operation that counts and characterizes all the inhabitants, dwellings and households of all people residing in a country, with emphasis on socioeconomic and demographic issues.

She recalled that “the Population Census makes it possible to obtain data that is essential for studying the evolution of the population. Likewise, it is used to calculate specific rates of the characteristics investigated in the flow statistics”.

The deputy family expressed that, as ECLAC points out, “Censuses are the most important and extensive primary source of statistical information. Given its periodicity of every ten years, it is possible to compare the changes over time and between countries, since the census is carried out on similar dates in almost all of Latin America and the Caribbean”.

Congresswoman Familia called on the population in general to support the X National Population and Housing Census because supporting it contributes to having a better country.

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