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INDRHI coordinates with entities to increase the range of intervention in GSD areas affected by rains

Olmedo Caba Romano, executive director of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INDRHI), led a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation (CAASD), Civil Defense and councilors from the different municipalities of the province, where new actions were coordinated to intervene in localities that were affected by floods after the rains that occurred last Friday.

Caba Romano pointed out that the water entity will support the sanitation work in ravines, streams and lagoons that the CAASD is currently carrying out in communities that have been left with little communication, such as some in the Pantoja municipal district. He indicated that sectors of the Los Alcarrizos municipality and the municipal districts of La Victoria, in Santo Domingo Norte, and La Guáyiga, in Pedro Brand, will also intervene.

The official recalled that during the weekend, at the request of President Luis Abinader, he carried out, together with the INDRHI technical team, a survey of the damage caused in Pantoja, Palmarejo and Pedro Brand in the municipality of Santo Domingo Oeste.

Pablo Silva, Operations Manager of the CAASD, specified that the meeting at the INDRHI facilities will prioritize actions within the intervention plan in the zones. He was accompanied by Luis Alberto Martínez, in charge of Sewerage of the CAASD in North Santo Domingo.

Meanwhile, Caonabo Gutiérrez, who participated on behalf of the Minister of Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte, thanked the director of INDRHI for having the personnel and equipment for the rapid intervention of the weekend. He indicated that this ministry will work on electric lighting in affected areas together with other entities in the sector.

Tony Tejeda, mayor of Santo Domingo Norte, who attended accompanied by community leaders Argelis Lebrón and Jaime Paulino, defined the presence of INDRHI in affected demarcations as “punctual and required” due to the solutions proposed for intervention in ravines whose overflow affected residents. of Santa Cruz, Marco Frio and Los Guaricanos.

Eduardo Reynoso, director of Civil Defense in La Victoria, accompanied INDRHI during the weekend tour and explained that they will continue to work as a team.

On behalf of INDRHI, Daniel Gómez, deputy director; Raúl Pérez, Director of Planning and Water Development; Avelino De León, Director of Projects and Works; Juan Nova, director of Operations and Conservation of Risk Systems, and Félix González, head of the Hydraulic Works Design department
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