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SDE City Hall approves more than RD$40 million for 12 Participatory Budget works

The City Council of Santo Domingo Este, in a session of the “Open Council”, obtained an amount of RD$40,433,302.09 for the execution of 12 priority works, consigned in the Participatory Budget.

Among the lots are the construction of sidewalks and contents, a chapel and pedestrian walkways.

The works, which must be included in the participatory budget, were decided upon in dozens of community consultations held at the town hall with representatives of the neighborhood associations of the three constituencies into which the municipality is divided and in which hundreds part of people.

In addition to the community consultations, assemblies were held, as reported by Jheimi Nuñez, General Secretary of the City Council.

José Ramón Jiménez, President of the Council of Regidores, was in charge of swearing in the members of the Municipal Monitoring and Control Committee, established in article 243 of Law 176-07, which is made up of Jaime Ramírez, Rosa E Vásquez, Xiomara González, Carmelo Bueno Puello, Víctor Reyes de la Cruz, Kenia Jiménez Liriano, Vianela Pujols Custodio and Carlos Alcántara

In the Open Town Hall Session of the Participatory Budget of the Santo Domingo City Council, they were observed as representatives of the blocks of associations of neighborhood councils.
favored sectors. In this first stage of priority works that cover the years 2007 to 2019.

In the sectors of circumspection number 1 of Santo Domingo Este such as Maquiteria in Villa Duarte, pedestrian walkways will be built in alleys and rehabilitation of a sports center at a cost of RD$1,715,795.18.

In the Ensanche Ozama, RD$3,060,689.17 will be invested in the execution of the construction of pedestrian walkways in alleys, a work demanded by the Antonio Rodríguez neighborhood council.

Also in the Ensanche Isabelita, sidewalks and containers will be built at a cost of more than RD$2,385,303.32, while in the El Pensador de los Mameyes sector, an extensive program of pedestrians in alleys will be carried out with an investment that will exceed RD$3, 060,689.17.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam de Los Mina de la Circumspección 2, an extensive sidewalk and content program will be carried out, as well as the intervention of the Las Mercedes chapel with an investment of RD$1,995,463.60.

In Katanga, RD$3,029,997.62 will be invested for the construction of sidewalks and contents. With a higher cost of about RD$984,042.57, the program for the construction of pedestrian walkways and alleys in the Ozama Valley will be carried out.

The council will execute its program for the construction of sidewalks and contents in Los Mina, with a resource of some RD$2,442,082.89.

Both in the La Ureña sector, the sidewalks and contents program will be executed with an investment of more than RD$3,444,008.94. The empowered women’s movement, the neighborhood associations, la Eficaz, Brisas de Mendoza and new dawn decide to pool their budget amounting to RD$11,944,667.55, for the construction of sidewalks and contents of the Grúa and Mendoza sectors.

The municipal entity will execute the same program in the Perla lots with an investment of some RD$3,026,971.18. The local government will also allocate RD$3,387,993.53 in the construction of sidewalks and contents of sectors surrounding Kilometer 15 of the Mella highway.

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