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They constitute the Cooperative of Savings, Credits and Multiple Services of the Servants of the Superior Electoral Court (COOPTSE)

The Cooperative of Savings, Credits and Multiple Services of the Servants of the Superior Electoral Court (COOPTSE) was formally constituted during a meeting held this Thursday in that high court.
The constitutive assembly was integrated after verifying the regulatory quorum of the members of COOPTSE where the election of the directors was immediately proceeded.
The Board of Directors was made up of Eulalia Vásquez, president; Mildred Zapata, Vice President; María Y. Rosado, secretary; Henri Neck, vocal; Samuel Encarnación, 1st substitute and Samuel Mejía, second substitute.
While the Surveillance Committee is headed by José Joaquín Joa, president; Lucitania de León, secretary; Jose Padilla, vocal; Fanny Almanzar, first alternate; Crinilda Trinidad, second substitute.
The credit committee was made up of Judge Pedro Pablo Yermenos, president; Maria I. Bonelly, secretary; Yanet Tejada, vocal and Ana Núñez, substitute.
The directive was sworn in by Rommer Beltré, a technician from the Institute for Cooperative Development and Credit (IDECOOP).
The directors were chosen in individual votes through an electronic system where 136 of the 140 collaborators who were members of the cooperative cast their vote.
The president of the Court, magistrate Ygnacio Pascual Camacho Hidalgo, thanked that more than 50 percent of the collaborators of that high court decided to join and stressed that this initiative will remain for posterity
The creation of the cooperative was an initiative of the president of the court who had the vision for the benefit of the court’s collaborators.
During the assembly prior to the election of the directors, several reports were submitted by the management committee that worked on the formation of COOPTSE.
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