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CEDIMAT International Unit, comprehensive care and cutting-edge technology

The Centers for Diagnosis and Advanced Medicine and for Medical Conferences and Telemedicine (CEDIMAT), have a comprehensive International Unit dedicated to offering personalized and multilingual medical services to patients from all over the world, under the center’s portfolio of facilities.
“This unit has diagnostic images, laboratories, specialized consultations, outpatient and surgical procedures, as well as emergency services, explained Jesús Saavedra, Commercial and Marketing Manager of CEDIMAT.
In addition, it has strategic alliances with national and international insurance companies, as well as with multiple foreign public and private institutions to provide a timely service to its members and collaborators.
Saavedra assured that CEDIMAT has all the necessary pillars to offer quality health tourism, a specialized service team that follows up the patient before, during and after their visit to the country, making them feel not so far from home.
Likewise, the medical center provides the patients of the International Unit with specialized and sub-specialized medical personnel with national and international certifications, which makes it easier to offer cutting-edge medicine and allows all medical needs to be covered in one place, all this in safe and secure facilities. reliable.
It also has a heliport that can receive up to two aircraft at the same time, said the manager.
“Currently, we have been offering medical services to foreign patients for more than a decade, which positions us as leaders at the national and regional level, an example of this is the thousands of patients from the Caribbean islands, the United States, Canada and European countries. who come every year to receive care at this unit, allowing us to provide care to more than 20,000 people in ten years of operation,” said Saavedra.
“In order to continue advancing and given the sense of responsibility that characterizes us, we are currently in the process of obtaining accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JMI)” said the executive in the framework of the MediTalk Summit 2022 event – Health, with a vision of the future from Mercado magazine.
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