Dominican Republic wins two international tourism awards in New York

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, received in this city two awards as the best destination in the Caribbean and the most familiar.
NEW YORK, USA- The Dominican Republic once again achieved two important international awards as the best tourist destination, thanks to the excellent management of Minister David Collado.
These recognitions correspond to the Leisure Travel Award and the Wherever Awards given by the specialized magazine Global Traveler.
The first of the awards was the “best island in the Caribbean” which the Dominican Republic won for the second consecutive year. And the other was “The best island in the Caribbean for families and friends”.
Minister Collado thanked the recognition and expressed that it is the product of the great effort that has been made by the tourism cabinet, headed by the president, Luis Abinader in the recovery of the Dominican Republic destination after the effects of the pandemic.
“This is a recognition that fills us with pride and that reaffirms the commitment of an entire team from both the public and private sectors that have joined forces to make our country the best destination in the entire Caribbean,” said Collado upon receiving the award in the big Apple.
These recognitions join a series of awards that the Dominican Republic has been receiving abroad both in terms of recovery of tourism and merits for being the best tourist destination in the region.
Collado has been exhausting a work schedule in New York in which he has held important meetings with travel agents, tour operators and airlines to continue promoting the country in terms of tourism.
The official said that these two awards reach a greater dimension “since the United States is the first country that sends tourists to the Dominican Republic.”
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