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Dominican Ambassador to the US makes official visit to Miami

Miami, Florida.- A delegation from the Dominican Embassy in the United States, headed by its ambassador Sonia Guzmán and accompanied by Consul General Jacobo Fernández, developed a busy work schedule with the aim of strengthening political ties and generating greater exchange trade with the Dominican Republic.

Ambassador Guzmán and Consul General Fernández, together with the director of Prodominicana, Biviana Riveiro, met with members of the International Trade Consortium (ITC), the World Trade Center and the Beacon Council, to whom they presented the country as an ally strategic to complement the production chains of US companies and the possibility of carrying out business missions was explored.

During a tour of the Port of Miami, the delegation reiterated to representatives of federal agencies the country’s commitment to plant health by raising the difficulties faced by fruit and vegetable exports upon arrival in the United States. It is important to note that the port of Miami receives 57% of total Dominican exports to the United States.

The delegation also met with Daniella Levine Cava, mayor of Miami-Dade, a county that groups 27% of Dominicans residing in Florida and that mobilizes around $7.5 billion dollars of the country’s commercial exchange with the United States.

They also held meetings with Francis Suárez, mayor of the city of Miami, and with Juan Carlos Bermúdez and Digna Cabral, mayor and deputy mayor of the city of Doral. The main focus of these meetings was the recognition of the values ​​and contributions of the hard-working Dominican community in Florida, and to explore ways for its better development.

On the other hand, the Honorable Ambassador Guzmán met with the eight Consuls General in the United States at the consular headquarters in Miami, where various important issues were discussed in relation to continuing to strengthen the agreements with the host country, they also addressed initiatives aimed at

value the Dominican community and thus continue to offer more efficient services, as well as consular assistance through Dominican public institutions in their respective consular jurisdictions. After said meeting, the Dominican Consulate in Miami offered a dinner in honor of the honorable ambassador and the consuls general of New York, Eligio Jaquez; San Juan, Opinion Diaz; Boston, Ramon Antonio Cruz; California, Alfonso Rodriguez; Chicago, Elias Brache; Mayaguez, Miguel Vasquez and New Orleans, Antonio Genao. The director of Prodominicana Biviana Riveiro, and officials of said unit also participated in the activity.

Likewise, the Ambassador together with the consuls led a meeting with the Dominican community in the Mission Nuestra Señora de La Altagracia, located in the Allapattah sector, and attended the Dominican Festival of Doral, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 178th anniversary of Independence National.

To culminate with the official visit of the ambassador Sonia Guzmán, the consul Jacobo Fernández offered a cocktail of the Dominican liqueur Chinola, where an award was given to the Dominican communicator Tony Dandrades for his valuable collaboration in the fulfillment of his professional work, always attached to strong ethical and moral values. Several Dominican artists, communicators, journalists and writers were present, as well as the consuls of San Juan, Boston, California and New Orleans.

The Dominican delegation was made up of personnel from the Dominican embassy and consulate in Miami; accredited consuls in the United States; and members of ProDominicana.

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