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NATO and the EU stage their union and warn Putin that he will have to explain to the Russians the damage of the sanctions

NATO and the European Union have staged a common front this Thursday by pointing out that the Russian aggression against Ukraine has brought the two organizations closer together and warned the president, Vladimir Putin, that his actions will entail a severe blow to the national economy that will have to explain to its citizens.

“We are at a turning point. Our strength is unity,” said the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, at a joint press conference at NATO headquarters with the Secretary General, Jens Stoltenebrg, and the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

The appointment has served for the EU and NATO to condemn in unison the “atrocious acts of aggression” against “innocent” people in Ukraine and warn of the serious consequences that Moscow faces.

The head of the European Executive has insisted that the sanctions that the EU leaders will approve tonight will have a “hard impact” against the Russian economy, which will be suffocated. She has predicted that the measures will hamper economic growth, increase inflation and erode the country’s industrial base.

In Von der Leyen’s opinion, it will be Putin who will have to explain this situation to Russian citizens, just like Stoltenberg who has indicated that Moscow is solely responsible for the crisis in Eastern Europe.

“I appreciate the coordinated actions announced by the EU and NATO allies. This sends a message of unity and shows that Russia is alone and isolated,” Stoltenberg stressed.

NATO leaders meet this emergency Friday to prepare the response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an appointment to which Von der Leyen and Michel have been invited in a new sign of close coordination between organizations.

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