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Using the Springboard!

By Andrew Kirk, Director of Generation 2 generation, Website – www.G2gMandate.org, Social Media – @G2gMandate.

Since lockdowns and the pressure of the last few years, I am hearing more and more church leaders talk about how to “do church differently.” In a nutshell, they are wondering if they should transition to cell church ministry. Bringing an awareness of that sense of the “need to do things differently” and creating space for that desire to be expressed, is a great starting point and a moment not to be missed.

Many pastors and leaders have completely closed down their large gatherings and are wondering what to do next. Some are only meeting online and not satisfied. Disillusionment is rife. Dependency on big Church gatherings has failed people. Pastors are seeing the lack of relationships and wondering what to do next. This is a perfect time to go back to New Testament principles of house to house ministry and to align small group ministry with God’s Word. In fact, pastors and leaders must not miss this God-given opportunity to empower lay leaders to do the work of the ministry.

So leading people from where they are to the Word, and how God has given a plan “for such a time as this” creates a natural flow to bring the vision and values of Cell Church to the forefront of their thinking.

But I’ve also noticed that many cell churches are going through a time of re-evaluation, not of the vision or values but of their application. This is always healthy. Some have reorganized their members so they can attend a cell near to home and within walking distance, or de centralizing to the extent that even the Big Wing is moved from place to place. Pressure on the Church, especially in the west has increased, and this means pressure on people.

Don’t lose this moment! Use it as a springboard for better things to come.

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