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Google launches Google Workspace Essentials Starter Edition, a new free plan for companies

Google has launched a new plan for its collaboration tools for companies Workspace, Essentials Starter Edition, with which companies can access applications such as Drive, Docs and Meet for free.

Workspace Essentials Starter Edition is intended for employees using older productivity tools, and is intended to help them in today’s hybrid work environment, Google said in a statement.

Essentials Starter Edition users don’t need to use a new email address, install new desktop applications, or convert their files to other formats, and Google has also highlighted its security and encryption features.

To start using this tool plan, users only have to register using their work email. Workspace Essentials Starter Edition is free forever, with no trial periods.

The Workspace ecosystem already has more than 3,000 million users in the world, and Google has especially highlighted the collaboration possibilities provided by its tools such as Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides, among others.

This novelty comes just a few days after the US company announced the withdrawal of the old free subscriptions to G Suite professional services -predecessors of the current Workspace ones- which will no longer be available as of July 1.

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