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A woman surprises her husband with a cow as a pet

Destiny Elaine Lane is the name of the young woman, a native of Tennessee, who has surprised her husband with a very peculiar new pet. It is not for less, since it was nothing more and nothing less than a cow.

The American confessed not knowing how to tell her partner that she had received a one-week-old cow, named Oakley Lane, for Christmas. Despite being sure that her husband was not going to take it badly, she points out that she was aware that she was going to be a very big surprise.

Destiny decided to record the shocking moment in which her partner discovers that a small cow is hiding behind the door.

The young woman had always wanted to add a cow to her family, which already has two dogs and a cat, but she did not know that she would have this new pet until her stepfather surprised her with the cow.

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