Trump Charges Netanyahu For Congratulating Biden On 2020 Election Win

The former president says he “did more” for Israel than any other US president

Former United States President Donald Trump has charged former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for congratulating Joe Biden on his victory in the November 2020 presidential elections in the North American country and has confirmed that he has not spoken since then with the. “Fuck him,” he has stressed.

“The first person to congratulate (Biden) was ‘Bibi,’ the man I did more for than anyone else I had dealings with,” Trump said in two interviews in April and July with Israeli journalist Barak Ravid. “‘Bibi’ could have kept quiet. He made a terrible mistake,” he said, as Ravid himself revealed this Friday through a piece in Axios.

“I liked ‘Bibi’. I still like ‘Bibi’, but I also like loyalty,” said the president, who referred to the former prime minister by his nickname. “The first person to congratulate Biden was ‘Bibi,’ and he not only congratulated him, he congratulated him publicly,” he added.

Thus, he pointed out that Netanyahu published his congratulations “very soon”, despite the fact that twelve hours had passed since the announcement of the results and that several international leaders had already congratulated Biden on his victory in the elections, in which Trump denounced fraud .

“I have not spoken with him since then. Fuck him,” Trump stressed in his interview with Ravid for a book he is preparing and entitled ‘Trump’s Peace: The’ Abraham Accords ‘and the reshaping of the Middle East.’ Thus, he stressed that the presidents of Russia and Brazil, Vladimir Putin and Jair Bolsonaro, respectively, took longer to congratulate Biden because “they felt that the election had been manipulated.”

In this way, he criticized Netanyahu congratulating Biden “before the ink was dry” to “talk about his great, great friendship” of him. “They did not have a great friendship, because if it had been like that, (the Barack Obama Administration) would not have reached the (nuclear) agreement with Iran,” he said.

“Guess what, now they are going to do it again,” he argued, referring to ongoing talks in the Austrian capital, Vienna, to reactivate the agreement, from which the United States unilaterally left in 2018 under the Presidency of Trump, prompting Tehran to respond by skipping various clauses of the pact.

These statements were granted by Trump during an interview in April with the aforementioned journalist in Mar-a-Lago, in which he argued that he had done more for Israel than any other US president and cited the withdrawal of the nuclear agreement, the transfer of the Embassy to Jerusalem and recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Ravid has detailed that in the second interview with Trump in July, after Netanyahu’s departure from power after the fourth legislative elections in about two years, the former president repeated his criticism of ‘Bibi’, albeit in a more softened way.

“I can tell people were very mad at him for being the first to congratulate Biden,” he said. “The video was as if he was asking for affection,” he added, before assuring that this “hurt” him in the eyes of Israel. “I am very popular in Israel. I think it hurt him a lot,” he said, referring to the election results.


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