Netanyahu responds to Trump’s insults by thanking his “contribution to Israel’s security”

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has preferred to distance himself from any controversy with former US President Donald Trump, who has given him serious insults for his speed in congratulating the electoral victory of Trump’s rival, Joe Biden, in the presidential elections of the year. last.

“Former Prime Minister Netanyahu really appreciates the great contribution made by President Trump to the State of Israel and to its security,” according to the statement issued by Netanyahu’s office and collected by the ‘Times of Israel’.

Previously, Trump, in two interviews with Israeli journalist Barak Ravid in April and July and released this Friday, strongly regretted Netanyahu’s congratulations to Biden. “‘Bibi’ (Netanyahu) could have kept quiet. I did more for him than for anyone else I had dealings with. Fuck him,” he declared.

These statements were granted by Trump during an interview with the aforementioned journalist in Mar-a-Lago, in which he cited the withdrawal of the nuclear agreement with Iran, the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Highlands. of the Golan as some of the most prominent gestures towards Israel.

Netanyahu has continued to justify his congratulations to Biden because of the “importance of the strong alliance between Israel and the United States.” “Hence it was important for him to congratulate the next president,” according to the note.


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