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Trump celebrates firing Chris Cuomo as CNN host

Former US President Donald Trump has celebrated the firing of Chris Cuomo, brother of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, as a presenter on CNN for allegedly helping the Democratic politician cover up a sex scandal.

Trump, who had had several clashes with the former governor during his four years as a tenant of the White House, has indicated that the measure is “great for the spectators”, while he has speculated with a possible relationship with a fall in the indices of audience.

“In any case, Fredo is gone!” Trump has asserted when referring to the presenter by a nickname, who has been suspended indefinitely after his possible involvement in the sex scandal of his brother came to light .

The chain’s decision was made after the New York Prosecutor’s Office released a series of documents in which messages appear between the presenter and several former advisers of his brother.

“These documents have raised serious doubts about Cuomo’s work ethic. He violated the rules, although we understand his need to put his family before his work,” the chain said in a statement. Melissa DeRosa, one of the former governor’s top advisers, had written to her brother in March to “check the sources” of reports of alleged sexual harassment by Andrew Cuomo.

Following Cuomo’s resignation, Trump called the former governor a “complete loser.” “New York, like the entire country, is better off without him,” he said.

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