Vice President Harris’ press officer leaves the White House

CNN sources point to a tumultuous communication strategy between Biden and the number two of the Executive

Ashley Etienne, press officer of the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, will leave her post in December after starring in several disagreements, according to sources close to the situation on CNN, with senior officials from the White House amid the difficult landing of Harris, former candidate for the Presidency, as second to the Executive.

Etienne officially leaves office “in search of other opportunities,” as confirmed at first by sources from the magazine ‘Vanity Fair’ and those responsible for the administration confirmed to CNN under anonymity. “Ashley is a highly valued woman who has worked tirelessly to achieve the goals of this administration,” they add.

However, earlier this week CNN itself reported frustration among the vice president’s circle of advisers, who are now seen as “marginalized” and “handcuffed” within the administration. Another source points out that Etienne “did not fit well” within the vice president’s staff due to her “inactivity” and her inability to clarify Harris’s messages.

Harris supporters lament that the vice president is not being given opportunities to exhibit necessary leadership in the face of her possible Democratic Party run for the White House if the president, Joe Biden, decides not to run for a second term. Her slowness in advancing her assigned initiatives (such as expanding the right to vote) is due, they add, to a lack of support from the president.

The White House responded to these reports describing Harris as an “essential” ally of the president, Joe Biden, as he is the person that the president “needs” to govern the country.

In an attempt to redirect the situation and revalue his position, Harris hired in September two experts in crisis communication – Lorraine Voles and Adam Frankel, who worked under Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – while he has circulated on the sets TV with a message of unity.

“I do not have the feeling that they are underutilizing me,” Harris said in comments to the ABC network in which he highlighted the collaboration developed with Biden at the time of approving the gigantic aid and infrastructure package aimed at removing the country from the economic ditch caused. for the pandemic. “We are taking this forward, and we are doing it together,” she stated.


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