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One of those allegedly implicated in the assassination of Haitian President Moise dies

Former Police Commissioner Gilbert Dragon, one of those allegedly implicated in the assassination of the President of Haiti Jovenel Moise, died this Wednesday of respiratory problems possibly derived from the coronavirus.

Dragon, 52, has died in the hospital to which he was transferred from the National Penitentiary, where he was detained as part of the murder investigation, according to police sources.

In a letter addressed to the Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince, the divisional commissioner, Pierre René Francois, head of the penitentiary center, has confirmed his death, according to the news portal Haiti 24.

The death could have been caused by respiratory problems derived from the coronavirus, as the relatives have indicated to the ‘Gazette Haiti’, who have lamented that the ex-police officer died when he arrived at the hospital without being treated.

So far, forty people have been detained for the murder of Moise, among them there are about twenty mercenaries who in the past were part of the Armed Forces of Colombia, some Haitian policemen and the one who was his personal doctor, Enmmanuel Sanon, whom they accuse of being the intellectual author.

Another of the main detainees is Marco Antonio Palacios, a former Colombian military man arrested in Jamaica in mid-October. He is considered one of the leaders who on July 7 entered Moise’s residence to kill him.

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