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Home Alone remake on Disney + reveals what happened to Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin)

When At Last Home Alone was announced, it was revealed that the film would be a remake of the 90s Christmas classic Home Alone. However, the Disney + film introduces new characters. Although Macaulay Culkin, who played Kevin in the original, does not appear in the new production, what happened to the character is revealed.

The connection between the two tapes comes thanks to the appearance of Buzz McCallister (Devin D. Ratray), Kevin’s brother who in Finally Home Alone is an adult and works as a policeman. Also, the reboot gives some clues about Kevin’s new life.

Kevin McCallister defended his home from burglars. In the reboot you can see a sign in the front yard of the main character, Max Mercer’s house, which reads “Protected by McCallister Home Security”. The logo on the sign has the same design as the one in the original film. This easter egg seems to confirm that Kevin has created his own security company.

In addition, in the reboot Buzz is asked to investigate a complaint of a child who has been left home alone. Buzz tells his partner to ignore him, as the complaint is probably false, and that’s when he reveals that his family accidentally left his little brother home alone on Christmas twice. Because of this, Kevin teases him every year by calling the police and falsely reporting that there is a child alone at home, for which Buzz immediately believes it to be a hoax.

Archie Yates, Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, Timothy Simons, Ally Maki, Aisling Bea and Kenan Thompson star at Home Alone at Last, directed by Dan Mazer. The tape can be seen on Disney +.

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