US criticizes Russia’s “total disregard” of space security after destroying one of its satellites

The White House denounced this Tuesday the “total disregard” that Russia has shown in recent hours for space security, after it carried out the destruction of one of its satellites causing a shower of space debris that will continue to be a “threat “for activities in the cosmos” for years.

This was stated by the White House undersecretary of press, Andrew Bates, at a press conference, in which he asked the international community to refrain from carrying out tests as “dangerous and irresponsible” as those that Russia would have carried out. this Monday.

“This action demonstrates Russia’s utter disregard for the security, stability and long-term sustainability of space for all nations. This debris will continue to pose a direct threat to outer space activities for years,” Bates protested.

“We call on all responsible space nations to join us in developing standards of responsible behavior and refraining from dangerous and irresponsible tests such as those carried out by Russia,” the White House deputy press secretary said. .

Russia has confirmed hours before Washington’s statements that it has successfully carried out a missile test to destroy one of its already inoperative satellites, the Tselina-D, in orbit since 1982, the Sputnik agency details.

Before the criticism of the United States, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, María Zajároa, has come out to clarify that said action not only “has not been directed against anyone”, but also, has insisted, has been done “in strict adherence to international law, including the 1967 Space Treaty “.

The US State Department announced Monday that Russia destroyed one of its own satellites with a missile. A ballistic test that left “more than 1,500 pieces of space debris” scattered, forcing the astronauts of the International Space Station to take refuge in a pair of special capsules before the danger that this space debris posed for the facilities.


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