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Google Maps will warn when a neighborhood or area of ​​the city is busiest

The Google Maps application has added new functions for Christmas, among which is a trend tool that allows users to be notified about the neighborhoods or areas of a city that are at their busiest, as well as another to orient yourself in shopping centers or airports.

With the new notices, Google Maps hopes to help people both avoid crowds during the holidays and plan their trips to find the most popular and lively areas of the city, as Google reported in a statement.

This function works with Area Busyness, a new trend tool that is able to tell when an area is at its busiest or is close to being it. It is available in time for this Christmas on Android and iOS.

Users can search for a neighborhood to find out how busy it is at different times of the day, as well as establishments in the area such as restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.

Google Maps has also introduced other functions to help move within large buildings such as shopping malls or airports, something for which it has expanded its directory tab globally on Android and iOS.

In this way, users can find out what type of stores are within these large establishments, as well as relevant information about them, such as whether they are open, their valuation and which floor they are on.

Another tool that reaches Google Maps and that extends to 2,000 new businesses within the United States is the collection function, which helps the user to know the status of a purchase and notifies from the app when the product is already available in the store.

Likewise, the Google service will begin to show estimates of the average price in restaurants based on the opinions of other users (for ranges of 10 to 10 dollars), in addition to additional information about the establishment such as if it has a terrace, shipments or option of pickup.

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