Microsoft updates Windows 11 to fix all problems caused by an expired certificate

Microsoft has released an out-of-band update for its latest operating system, Windows 11, that fully patches all six issues caused by a digital certificate that expired on October 31.

The out-of-band update, KB5008295, was released on Friday and addresses an issue in Windows 11 that prevented opening some native OS applications or caused problems in S mode, as Microsoft reported in a statement.

The patch comes after an expired digital certificate on October 31 caused six malfunctions in different sections of Windows 11: the snipping tool; the accounts page and landing page in the Settings app (in S mode); the start menu (only in S mode); the touch keyboard, voice typing and emoji panel; the user interface of the input method editor; and the first steps and tips.

To address the bug, Microsoft last week re-released the October 21 update, KB5006746, as a “partial fix.” However, this Microsoft solution only fixed three of the issues caused by the expired certificate.

Now, the latest patch released Friday by Microsoft completely fixes these six bugs. Personal and business users with Windows Update will not have to do anything to get the updated ‘software’ to their devices.


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