The Protection is Real

By Jeff Tunnell

While pastoring a cell ministry in Southern California, I enjoyed a regular, ongoing “benefit” that few people experience. Visiting ministers came to the church and instructed the congregation on the importance of this “benefit” for pastors, cell leaders, and their families. (Be sure, I did not ask them to instruct this, they simply did so at the leading of the Holy Spirit).

The benefit? My name was on most of the church families’ prayer lists!! Every day, God arranged for many people to pray for me. Think of it, with the varying schedules in people’s lives, prayer was being offered on my behalf around the clock, every day of the week!! This blessing of constant prayer provided protection, peace, and power for ministry and living.

Shortly after raising up a new pastor to replace me and discontinuing pastoral ministry – the shield lifted and I felt it. Those who were praying for me as the leader of their congregation had now replaced my name on their prayer list with his. I sensed greater levels of oppression, spiritual attack, temptation, and stress than I had for more than 25 years!!

Leaders, please understand that spiritual warfare, and intercession by those you minister to and with is absolutely real and needed.

This has been my experience, I hope you can benefit from it.


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