Messi: “Nobody asked me to play for free, Laporta’s words hurt me”

“I would like to return to Barça to contribute in what I can and I would love for him to continue to be well”

The Paris Saint-Germain player Leo Messi has ensured that no one at FC Barcelona asked him to play for free this season to be able to renew him and, therefore, he believes that the words of President Joan Laporta on this issue are “out of place”, and he has commented that he would like to return to the Blaugrana club to help “in whatever way he can.”

“As I explained on my way out, I did my best to stay, never at any time was I asked to play for free. I was asked to cut my salary by fifty percent and I did it without any problem. We were in a position to help more. to the club, “he assured in an interview with Sport collected by Europa Press.

In this sense, Messi assured that his desire was to continue in Barcelona. “The desire and desire of me and my family was to stay in Barcelona. Nobody asked me to play for free but at the same time it seems to me that the words that the president said are out of place,” he said.

“Laporta’s words hurt me because I think he has no need to say that, it is like taking the ball off of you and not assuming its consequences, or taking charge of things. This makes people think or generates a type of doubts that I don’t think I deserve it, “he was honest.

However, he is clear that both he and his family want to live in Barcelona and that he would like to return to FC Barcelona to help the club. “Yes. I always said that I would love to be able to help the club in whatever way it can be useful and can add and help the club to be well,” he said.

“I would love to be technical secretary at some point. I don’t know if it will be at Barcelona, ​​or not. Or if it will be otherwise. If there is the possibility, I would like to contribute again in what I can because it is the club that I love and I would love to see it continue to be good, continue to grow and continue to be one of the best in the world, “he said.

As for the current Barça, the Argentine considers that he has a “great squad”. “I see them whenever I can. Important and very good guys appeared as is the case with Gavi. At the team level they are doing well. With Kun and Dembélé returning, if they come back well, they will be a great help for the team. He is always going to be there because he is one of the best in the world. He is always going to fight for the League and for the objectives, although it may or may not be given later, “he said.


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