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Kevin Durant: “Irving chose what he wanted to do and the team did the same.”

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant made it clear that he would like his teammate Kyrie Irving to be with them, but in addition to warning that both the point guard and the New York franchise have made their own decisions, what is happening “is not the ideal situation” to face the assault on the NBA champion ring.

Irving is separated from the Nets for his refusal to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, an obligation in the State of New York where the team plays its home games, which has decided that the game director also does not participate in those that he plays as a visitor until a solution is found.

“I definitely want Kyrie to be here, I wish none of this had happened, but this is the situation we are in. Kyrie made his decision about what he wanted to do, he chose to do what he wanted to do and the team did the same,” he said. Durant after the NBA preseason game against Minnesota Timberwolves in statements collected by the league’s Spanish website.

The forward is clear that this issue should not decenter them. “It’s up to me to focus on myself, to do my job and let the other parties handle this situation. I want our whole team together, and I want us to be at full force, sometimes it doesn’t work, but I’m still sure that the things will work out better for both parties, “he said.

“This is not the ideal situation going into the season, but this is out of our control. So what we can do is focus on our work every day. What is being angry about it going to change? change his mind. We’ll let him figure out what he needs to do and the team figure out what he needs to do, “Durant said.

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