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The Taliban declare the end of the “bloodshed” and venture a reconstruction process

The Taliban Prime Minister, Mullah Hasan Ajund, declared on Friday the end of the era of “bloodshed” and has ventured a process of reconstruction in Afghanistan after the departure of US troops.

In a speech televised by Al Jazeera, the Taliban leader assured that the new Afghan government “will bring security to the people and Muslims throughout the world” and will thus allow an end to “all conflict, massacre and humiliation” on Afghan soil.

He has also insisted that the Islamic Emirate has “forgiven” all its critics and opponents despite the serious difficulties it has been facing for the past 20 years.

Ajund has indicated that the Afghans must have the guarantee that the new government “will seek happiness, security and the establishment of an Islamic order”, for which he has requested the collaboration of the population.

However, Salé Registani, leader of the military committee of the National Resistance Front against the Taliban, whose stronghold is in Panjshir province, has insisted that members of the front and “other freedom fighters” will continue to offer resistance.

Deborah Lyons, special representative of the UN secretary general for Afghanistan, has warned that the Taliban are “openly welcoming and harboring” members of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda.

Thus, she has lamented during a meeting of the Security Council that Islamic State is also “active” in the country, where it is capable of “becoming stronger”, as reported by the Afghan news agency Jaama.

On the other hand, Lyons has called on the international community to address the spread of the Taliban to other countries in the region and has emphasized that the members of the Council should make decisions about the composition of the Taliban government given that some members are in the UN blacklist, including Ajund himself.

The representative of António Guterres has focused on the humanitarian crisis that the country is going through and has indicated that it is expected to worsen given the freezing of Afghan capital by foreign banks after the US withdrawal.

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