The political leader of the Taliban assures that there will be a government “soon” and that it will be inclusive

The political leader of the Taliban, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, announced this Sunday that the efforts to establish an inclusive government for Afghanistan have been accelerated and that it will be announced “soon”.

“I can assure people that we are doing everything possible to improve living conditions and that the government will be responsible to everyone and provide security because it is necessary for economic development,” Baradar said in an interview with the Al chain. Jazeera.

“If we can provide security, we will overcome other problems and the wheel of progress and advance will be set in motion,” added what is speculated could be the new Afghan political leader.

Other figures such as Mullah Mohammad Yaqub, son of Mullah Omar, founder of the Taliban, or Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai could have relevant positions in the new government.

Baradar was already Deputy Minister of Defense during the previous Taliban regime (1996-2001) and after the US invasion he was one of the commander of the militias that finally regained power on May 15. He in particular was responsible for the attacks against international forces, according to a UN sanctions note.

He was arrested and imprisoned in Pakistan in 2010 and released in 2018, when he took over the leadership of the Taliban political office in Doha, responsible for the 2020 agreement with the United States for the evacuation of international troops.

Both Stanikzai and Taliban spokesman Zabihulá Mujahid have ruled out in recent interviews that there will be female ministers in the future Taliban government. “They can work as nurses, in the police or as assistants in the ministries,” Muyahid said in an interview with ‘La Repubblica’.


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