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International Hashtag Day: the most used ‘hashtags’ on social networks

This August 23, in addition to Internet User Day, International Hashtag Day is also commemorated, a date that celebrates the anniversary since the first ‘hashtag’ in history was used on Twitter in 2007, 14 years ago.

The idea of ​​using the pound sign to organize related social media posts didn’t exist until product designer and internet consultant Chris Messina first proposed it on August 23, 2007.

Messina asked his Twitter followers how they would feel using the pad for groups, and accompanied him with the first ‘hashtag’ in history: #barcamp, a concept that in English means meetings to share and learn in open environments.

The use of these labels, as well as their reach and effectiveness, has only grown since then. In all social networks, not just Twitter, users and brands use them to increase interaction in a publication, generate brand awareness or to show support for social problems, among other reasons.

Hootsuite and We Are Social’s Digital 2021 report notes that #Love has been the most used hashtag on Instagram posts of all time, 2 billion times.

In second place on the list is #Instagood, used in more than 1 billion publications, and third is #Fashion, used in more than 900 million content.

This means that the typical Instagram user has only tagged an average of two of their posts with #love, but it is by far the most popular hashtag on Instagram, appearing in over 50 percent more posts. than its closest rival, #instagood.

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