YouTube adds chapters to the search screen to know the content of a video before opening it

YouTube has incorporated new options to provide more information about the videos to the users before playing them, and has begun to show the chapters into which the videos are divided from the search screen.

Google’s video platform has proposed to make the search process more visual to make it easier to find the content that users are looking for, as YouTube reported in a statement.

Until now, YouTube showed a mask image of the video, but now users will be able to access screenshots of the different chapters in which the video content is organized.

Through this function, Internet users can have more information about a video before starting to watch it, and they also have the option of directly starting playback with the chapter that interests them.

YouTube already allowed users of its desktop version to scroll to see a preview of the video, and now the company has announced that this option will also come to its app for mobile devices.

In addition, the platform has begun to automatically translate the transcripts of the videos generated automatically by the service into the user’s language. Initially, content will be offered in English adapted to other languages, but YouTube is working to extend it to more languages.

Among the rest of the features coming to YouTube search, the platform has started experimenting in India and Indonesia with a new feature that suggests web results to searches that don’t get relevant content on the video platform.

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