The Training Track: Keep It Simple


By Mario Vega.-

I had heard about the effectiveness of Harold Weitz’s Leader’s Route many times. Harold Weitz is the pastor and founder of a dynamic cell church called Little Falls Christian Centre and his equipping track had become a model to many. Both Ralph W. Neighbor and Joel Comiskey had mentioned the effectiveness of his training for new leaders. I had also seen photographs of the materials and knew the phases in which they were taught. For all these reasons it was a great surprise for me, when visiting Harold Weitsz’s church, that one of the first things he said to me was: “I would like to know about your Leadership Equipping Route.”

Our training track in El Salvador is short and its lessons are basic—the content can be understood by everyone. As I compared our equipping with the South African Leader’s Route, it appeared that our equipping was too simple.  I began to feel apologetic and tried to make excuses saying, “Our Equipping is very simple, I don’t think it contains anything that might interest you.” But Harold Weitz replied, “Simple! This is how it should be! Ours is too complicated. I want to know what yours is like.”

This is how I learned a principle regarding the new leaders equipping course: Simple, keep it simple, so that everyone can prepare for the work of the ministry.


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