At least ten injured in a shooting in New York

At least ten people have been injured in a shooting in the New York district of Queens, as reported this Sunday by the Police Department of the US city.

The events took place minutes before 10:40 p.m. on Saturday, when the police responded to numerous notices that warned of the shooting around 99th Street and 37th Avenue in the Queens district.

“A preliminary report shows that two men approached in that direction (…), advanced towards the crowd and fired numerous times before jumping on two scooters driven by two other men and fleeing the scene,” he said in a wheel Press Release Deputy Director of North Queens Police Galen Frierson, reports CNN.

Thus, the Police are looking for four people as suspects and have indicated that they would be “gang members” who came to the scene with “multiple weapons and masks.” “This is unacceptable on the streets of New York City and it has to stop,” demanded Police Chief of Detectives James Essig.

The injured, whose ages range between 19 and 72 years, were transferred to hospitals for minor injuries, according to the Police.

Likewise, the body has advanced that three of the wounded were members of the gang known as ‘Trinitarios’, which is why it is believed that they were the “target” of the attack, while the rest of the wounded were bystanders.

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