Venezuela will enter a seven-day quarantine this week in the presence of the Delta variant


The Venezuelan population must respect a “radical” confinement of seven days throughout this week as the Government’s response to protect itself from the Delta variant of coronavirus, present in the country.

“From Monday, July 26 to Sunday, August 1, we are going to quarantine to protect ourselves from the Delta variant that arrived in our country. Maximum care. We must not neglect ourselves, we must continue to comply with all measures,” said the president of the country, Nicol√°s Maduro, through a message on his social networks.

In this publication, Maduro has also attached some statements in which he has cataloged this quarantine as “radical” and has advanced that “some modalities of flexibility are going to be adapted to the quarantine”, but that with the “threat of the Delta strain “society must” elevate care. “

“Little by little we will be more flexible, but we have to take care of ourselves. Everyone is alert, in solidarity, in love and in union,” the president has settled.

For their part, the country’s health authorities have registered 1,108 new positive cases of coronavirus this Sunday, bringing the total number to 299,822 infections since the start of the pandemic.

Along these lines, 17 new victims of the disease have been reported, and 3,500 deaths are already close to.

Regarding the vaccination process, the Government of Venezuela has guaranteed that in the month of October teachers and other teaching staff must be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“In July, August and September the vaccines will arrive and we hope that in October we can advance with 60 percent of the immunizations in the country, but to return to classes we must guarantee that all teachers and educational personnel receive the doses corresponding against COVID-19, “Maduro has detailed, according to the Venezuelan state television channel.

In addition, special disinfection plans will be implemented in the classrooms, interpersonal distancing will be imposed, as well as the ventilation of closed spaces in order to “take care” of the population.


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