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The plane in which the mercenaries who killed Moise flew is linked to a Dominican politician

The company that owns the luxury private jet registration HI-949 in which the Colombian mercenaries who assassinated the Haitian president, Jovenel Moise, traveled on July 7, would be linked to the Dominican politician Gonzalo Castillo, former candidate for the Presidency for the Party of the Dominican Liberation.

According to the investigation published by the Colombian newspaper ‘El Tiempo’, ownership of the device is one of the leads handled by the US federal police (FBI), since the security company that hired the Colombian mercenaries is based in Miami.

A photograph published by ‘El Tiempo’ shows the Haitian doctor Christian Emmanuel Sanon, considered the “brain” of the assassination, on the steps of the plane, owned by the company Helidosa S.A.

Along with Sanon, a former Colombian soldier, Arcángel Pretelt Ortiz, and the Ecuadorian Walter Veintemilla, also a key piece in the organization of the murder, appear in the photograph.

Pretelt’s name appears in the documents of the company CTU Security LLC, contracted in Miami, along with that of the Venezuelan Antonio Intriago, also included in the photograph.

CTU organized the recruitment and dispatch of the former Colombian soldiers and the group’s lodging in a luxurious hotel in Santo Domingo, where the doctor Christian Sanon, the Venezuelan Intriago and the former Haitian senator John Joel Joseph met.

Veintemilla, for his part, would have been responsible for moving part of the funds of the operation through his company Worldwide Capital Lending Group. The total of the plan would have cost more than 20 million dollars.

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