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Senator Joseph Lambert proposed as interim president of Haiti

Haiti’s main political formations have proposed Senator Joseph Lambert as provisional president in order to fill the power vacuum that the country is experiencing after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise this week.

Several formations, including the Haitian Tet Kale Party (PHTK), which governs the country, consider the third president of the Senate, Joseph Lambert, as Moise’s successor in the National Palace, the local website Haiti24 includes, although the procedure it seems quite complicated.

At the moment, Lambert has the approval of eight of the ten active senators in the upper house of Parliament. The Senate is made up of 30 seats but about twenty remain unoccupied as the mandates of their senators have expired, after the cancellation of the general elections postponed in 2019.

Likewise, the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of Parliament, remains empty.

Lambert appeared on social media late on Friday to at least express his “humble gratitude” to the political institutions that have granted him his support, and expressed his intention to pave the way towards a democratic transition of can.

He also remains pending to resolve the nomination of Ariel Henry as prime minister of the country, chosen at the time by Moise. However, his inauguration ceremony, originally scheduled for Wednesday, was suspended after the assassination of the president. To this must be added that the Foreign Minister, Claude Joseph, has declared himself acting head of government and has been speaking with representatives of international governments for days.

On the other hand, the spokesman for the UN Secretary General, Stephane Dujarric, has stated that the United Nations is keeping in touch with Haitian leaders and other interlocutors and has highlighted the urgent need to reach an inclusive political commitment to “maintain the stability and chart the way forward. “

“The solution to Haiti’s challenges will come from the Haitians themselves. We continue to support Haiti and the Haitian people to provide support,” said Dujarric.

Beyond the political climate of the Caribbean country, the UN has also placed special emphasis on the humanitarian aspect of Haiti, since the murder of Moise may jeopardize efforts to respond to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in the country. .

“The situation also threatens efforts to provide humanitarian assistance, especially food and water, to people who have been internally displaced due to recent gang attacks,” the spokesman said.

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